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Corporate brokerage

This specialization opens up the widest opportunities in the world of direct investment to Clients who have only recently worked on the stock market, and provides access to the full range of financial instruments that can provide invaluable assistance in the development of their businesses to Clients from the real sector of the economy.

Diversification of business and financial investments, search for new ways to invest and develop, attraction of financing and reliable placement of funds, sale and purchase of businesses, debt restructuring - all this is at your service within one company.

As part of Corporate Brokerage, we offer our clients the following services:

Hedging currency risks - protecting businesses from sudden changes in exchange rates

Repurchase of companies' liabilities in financial markets

Expert assessment/revaluation of the company's assets

Attraction and placement of capital through the organization of loans secured by securities (including repo transactions)

Consolidation of large blocks of shares of enterprises to order

Purchase and sale of blocking blocks of shares

Placement of securities of companies - raising debt capita

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