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An investor may lose money on the stock market. The State does not guarantee the safety and repayment of the invested funds.

Investments in bonds and debt instruments may lead to losses as a result of a decrease in the market value of the bonds, as well as to unforeseen losses that may arise in the event of a full or partial default of the issuer (the company's refusal to service its debts). In case of default or bankruptcy of the issuer, losses may amount to up to 100% of the invested amount.

Investments in shares can lead to losses as a result of a decrease in the market value of shares. As a result of the issuer's bankruptcy, losses may amount to up to 100% of the invested funds.

Investments in derivative instruments (futures or options) can lead to losses. Losses may arise as a result of changes in the market price of an asset for which futures or options are issued. Losses can amount to up to 100% of the invested amount (margin).


The user can receive information located on the website of Grandis Capital Investment Company, Ltd without providing any personal information about himself. However, access to some special sections of this Website requires prior registration and submission of personal data.

Grandis Capital Investment Company, Ltd takes reasonable measures to preserve the confidentiality of the user's personal information, which the latter provides in connection with obtaining access to this site. However, since access to such information can be obtained via the Internet, the Company does not provide any guarantee regarding the safety of such information. In the course of carrying out its activities, the Company may disclose such information to its employees, representatives, agents or affiliated persons, as well as to state authorities entitled to disclose such information by law.


Пользователь может получать информацию, находящуюся на Интернет-сайте ООО «ИК «Грандис Капитал», без предоставления какой-либо персональной информации о себе. 

Однако доступ к некоторым специальным разделам настоящего Интернет-сайта требует предварительной регистрации и представления персональных данных.

ООО «ИК «Грандис Капитал» предпринимает разумные меры по сохранению конфиденциальности персональной информации пользователя, которую последний предоставляет в связи с получением доступа к настоящему сайту. 


Однако, поскольку доступ к такой информации может быть получен через Интернет, Компания не предоставляет никакой гарантии в отношении сохранности такой информации. 


Компания в процессе осуществления своей деятельности может раскрывать такую информацию своим работникам, представителям, агентам или аффилированным лицам, а также государственным органам, имеющим право на раскрытие такой информации в силу закона.