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The key business areas of Grandis Capital are private equity investments, corporate brokerage and capital management in financial markets.

Most of our Clients are private and institutional investors, medium and small businesses. We offer our Clients optimal solutions to achieve stable results in the new economic conditions.



Grandis Capital is an independent company. We carefully protect this competitive advantage. Independence is extremely important for our Clients, as it guarantees them reliability, responsibility, quality and the highest degree of interest in the result.


Our goal is to ensure stable and long-term capital growth of our Clients and Partners. You will honor us by choosing Grandis Capital.

взгляд на рынок


Grandis history starts in 2008. Our team consists of specialists who had actively participated in formation and development of Russian capital markets. We grew and developed along with it, and we can say with confidence that we know almost everything about the market, and do a lot of things better than others.

Our team has gone through periods of crises and waves of unrestrained growth. We know how to increase and preserve capital in difficult and, sometimes, extreme conditions. Partners' trust and responsibility to Clients are not just words for us.


Grandis Capital Investment Company, Ltd is a licensed financial company in Russia (professional participant of the securities market). The key area of the company is working with private and institutional wealthy investors’ capitals. We have more than $350 million of assets of our Clients under management.




Reliable and convenient trading system, timely reporting and recent analytics. This is how we understand a high-quality brokerage service




We can offer our Clients our own unique investment products and services of our partners




Diversification of business and financial investments, finding new ways for investment and development, raising funds and reliable funds placement, sale and purchase of businesses, debt restructuring


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