Grandis Capital develops financial solutions for private Clients and companies with significant amounts of invested assets. Our infrastructure allows us to offer the Client a wide range of investment products — from low-risk strategies and deposits to active stock portfolios and complex derivative financial instruments.

We offer our Clients our own unique investment products and services, as well as the products and services of our partners. Thus, the Client gets access to a rich palette of investment solutions, from which, with the help of an experienced personal consultant, he chooses those that are closest to his investment style.

The basis of our relationship with the Client is information transparency and confidentiality. The Company guarantees the Client full protection of information, while strictly complying with the requirements of current legislation.

Grandis Capital adheres to the following principles:


When developing investment strategies, we use only our own experience and know-how and do not focus on established stereotypes


In conditions of high uncertainty in the stock market, minimizing risks only through diversification no longer works. Therefore, we use hedging with options and futures to reduce the risks of your investments


We use a personal approach to solving Client’s problems. The structure of the investment portfolio and management style are selected in such a way as to best meet requirements in terms of risk and profitability


Information transparency and confidentiality. Client will be provided with all the information on managing his funds on a regular basis


The main goal of management is not superprofits and a "race for peaks", but ensuring a given profitability in each specific portfolio


Trust management of Clients' assets is one of the foundations of our company's well–being. That's why we guarantee our Clients a professional and extremely responsible approach