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Mission and principles

Mission and principles


Our mission is simple: to help our Clients, Employees and Partners make money.

To build up funds.

To make profit on investments.

To any of us.

In order to provide a decent living for us and our families.

To be sure of our children’s future.

To have more opportunities to explore the world.

To be managers of our own lives.

To be free.



1. We never prioritize our Clients: all the Clients of Grandis Capital are exclusive.

2. Well-being and stability of our Company are directly-proportional to the well-being and stability of our Clients, Employees and Partners –  our key value people.

3. In our work we follow the philosophy of ‘sound perfectionism’: we try to make perfect everything we do, but we keep in mind our ultimate goal and carefully select means to achieve it. We never try to gain immediate profit at the expense of our long-term objectives.

4. ‘No pains, no gains’: we prefer action to inaction, because we know What to do and How to do it. No action without thinking: our actions are always well thought out and measured.

5. We call things their names. We focus on what we can do best and we never declare products and services that we do not really provide. We never take on commitments that we cannot meet.

6. Our main commitment is to strictly comply with ALL the principles without an exception.

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