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What is Corporate Brokerage

What is Corporate Brokerage

Corporate Brokerage results from an active interaction of two key departments of our company: Securities Market and Corporate Finance. Servicing our Customers, we realized that most of our services are in demand right at the boundary of the two business areas, solving many tasks involves experts from different departments.

By pulling down the ‘dividing fence’ between the two departments, we achieved a synergistic effect in business. To our Clients, who used to work only in the stock market, we opened up vast opportunities of direct investments and corporate finance. And to our Clients from the real sector of the economy we gave access to the whole range of financial instruments making a great contribution to their business.

Diversification of business and financial investments, search for new ways of investment and development, fund raising and secure placement of funds, sales and purchases of businesses, capitalization management and loan restructuring – all of these are at your disposal and offered by one and the same company.

We offer:

  • Exchange risk hedging – protection of businesses from sharp foreign exchange differences;
  • Company capitalization management;
  • Redemption of liabilities at financial markets;
  • Arrangement of securities loans;
  • Consolidation of large shareholdings in the companies on a by-order basis;
  • Purchase & sale of blocking;
  • Placement of securities – attracting borrowed funds.
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