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Our competitive edge

Our competitive edge

In-depth understanding of the economy and markets:

Grandis Capital team have hands-on experience of implementing projects in various industries, know well the relevant markets and are ready to employ the collective expertise for the benefit of our Clients. It makes advisers’ job significantly easier.

First-rate team for project roll-out:

Our company employs professionals experienced with a strong background in international corporations and different cultural environments. They have implemented dozens of large-scale projects for Russian and foreign Clients.

Lots of direct contacts to quickly identify transaction counterparties:

Due to great expertise in different industries and the importance that we attach to regional projects, Grandis Capital team have numerous contacts to identify transaction counterparties in the shortest possible time.

Grandis Capital maintains partner relations with most investment companies and banks supporting M&A transactions, which considerably reduces counterparty search time.

Out-of-the-box solutions:

 Strong partner relations with different legal and financial organizations help us to optimize advisers’ job of legal, financial and tax due diligence, as well as the task of preparing legal transaction documents with substantial discounts on the market prices for advice.

When you choose Grandis Capital, you get access to all the resources required to successfully accomplish a corporate transaction.

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