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Investment ideas

Investment ideas

In this section we suggest investment ideas to you – industry and company overviews. We choose only issuers, whose shares are of interest for medium- and long-term investments. We are also happy to introduce quarterly investment strategies.

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06.07.2012. Investment idea TMK: a major beneficiary of growth in the oil and gas sector

12.04.2012. Investment idea Raspadskaya: Should Deliver High Growth Rates

24.02.2012. Investment idea VSMPO-AVISMA: High Does Not Mean Expensive

01.02.2012. Flashnote Severstal: Weak 4Q11 Operational Results

25.01.2012. Investment Idea NLMK: A Quality Asset at an Attractive Price

18.01.2012. Flashnote Evraz: Neutral 4Q11 Operational Results

14.11.2011.Investment idea Mechel: Preferred Shares Still Attractive

06.09.2011. Investment idea Severstal: Vertical Integration Brings Its Pluses

26.08.2011. Investment idea NLMK’s 2Q11 Financial Results Exceed Expectations

02.08.2011. Investment idea MAGN

28.07.2011. Investment idea CHMF

22.07.2011. Investment idea MTL

25.05.2011. Investment idea ELTZ_CHZN

21.03.2011. Investment idea SODD

07.02.2011. Investment idea ELTZ

08.12.2010. Investment idea Metafrax

08.12.2010. Top-10, December 2010

10.11.2010. Top-10, November 2010

27.10.2010. Investment Strategy for Q4 2010

18.10.2010. Investment Idea:Ahinskiy Metallurgical Works - company to arouse interest

12.10.2010. Top-10, October 2010

01.10.2010. Investment idea: VSMPO

23.08.2010. Investment idea: MSCI

18.08.2010. Investment idea: Rosinter Restaurants Holding

16.08.2010. Investment idea: Surgutneftegas's preferred shares

21.07.2010. Grandis Capital Investment Strategy, 2010, 3rd quarter

16.06.2010. Grandis Capital Model Portfolio

02.06.2010. Investment idea: Pharmstandart ordinary stock

02.06.2010. Investment opportunity: UMMC`s copper subsidiaries

07.05.2010. Investment Idea: M.Video ordinary stock

20.04.2010. Investment Strategy, 2010, 2nd quarter

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