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Asset Management principles

Asset Management principles

We offer our Clients only the best, time-proved investment strategies based on both the traditional instruments on the securities market and more complex models with the use of term instruments and structured products.

When developing strategies, we make every effort to provide an opportunity to find the appropriate product to each Client with his unique investment profile.

There is a tradition in our company to continuously challenge the established stereotypes in investment practices. We always look for better solutions that will help us to ensure top performance in our Client’s asset management.  

We make special emphasis on mitigation of investment risks. Day-to-day online risk management, thorough observance of investment policy statements, weekly meetings of Investment Committee that evaluates the current market environment – this not an exhaustive list of our activities to secure our Clients’ assets.

Our principles of asset management are reasonable diversification, tailored service for each Client, responsibility, confidentiality, informational transparency and systematic approach.

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