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One who has decided to try his luck on the stock market, can become a client of any brokerage company. One will receive a standard set of services: analytical support, news feed, software to make transactions through the Internet, or a telephone number of the broker called to by dozens of other people.

Is this toolkit sufficient to make reasonable and weighed decisions? Our answer is: NO.

Assistance when it comes to decision-making – that is what we call Smart Brokerage.

As we see it, the key factor of success is investor’s ability to be independent on the market itself. We help our Clients to become independent on chasing peaks and hunting for fluctuations. The essence of our business is to effectively manage one's return on your investment portfolio rather than be a plaything of the market environment. Stock market is just a way of making money, and one should not treat it in a different manner.

Smart brokerage is a professional and efficient assistance in decision-making. We never leave our Clients alone in the market: we are ready to help to look into the situation, get over any doubts and make the right choice.

Smart Brokerage is based on erudition, intuition and long-term experience of experts working within our team. We never leave our Сlients alone on the market: we are ready to help to take in the situation, get over any doubts and make a correct choice. We help our Сlients to become independent of a peaks “race” and fluctuations “hunt”.

The core objective of our business is an effective management of one's investment return rather than being passive hostages of the market. Smart brokerage for our Сlients offers non-standard solutions, elegant settlement of extraordinary situations and sophisticated service.

Smart Brokerage is an art of standing out of the market crowd, an art of choosing a perfect time, an art of making money.

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